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Brianna P.

There is no other plastic surgeon I trust more than Dr. Pertsch. He is very knowledgeable has extreme attention to detail and makes you feel very… Read More

Hope A.

The medical care was perfectly cromulent but the billing department OMFG, what a nightmare! After my husband’s hand surgery with Dr. P I spent the next year… Read More

Emily M.

I was very pleased with the service and attention to detail from both Dr. Pertsch and his assistant, Alley. As far as the results of my neck lift, I was… Read More



It has only been around two weeks after my breast augmentation with DrPertsch. I came in to his office about a month and a half ago because i had a previous implant job that was soooooo awful! I am a petite 5’5 110 lbs and i had 32D implants that my last doctor ( the death surgeron) “claimed” was under the muscle. I had a HUGE problem with my implants rippling and bottoming out. It was so gross my implants with hanging so low i didnt even feel like i had implants ( since you get implants to be perky and perfect) i had delt with this embarresment for around two yeard until i had the opportunity to get them fixed. I had looked at a few surgeons before dr pertsch but was turned off by their “fame” factor (the ones that say, “oh i’ve been in this magazine, or i have been on this tv show”) which was the exact mistake i got myself into the first time with my first dr. I was BLOWN away by Dr. Pertsch’s ressume! Presidential scorships, years or internng, years of personal practice….the list is long!

Anywaaays, to the juicy stuff! I went in for my first consultation and thats when i met dr. Pertsch’s asistant Alley who is SO amazing! She helped me with all my finances and paperwork and always made sure i always had updated appointment info. Alley is soooo sweet and so relatable, you can go to her for anything! Anytime you need a girl to talk with on your need some extra reassurance, shes’s there! And she ALWAYS returns me emails! (even on sunday at 9pm!) Again i will say Alley and the rest of dr pertsch’s staff are amazing!

During my consultation dr pertsch said my unfortunate sad boobs could be fixed! (my words not his 🙂 ). He suggested to get a product called Stratisse or Stratise which he explained is an internal bra which will prevent any bottoming out and reduce the sight of rippling down to almost nothing. I was very hesitant at first because i didnt like the idea of an additional material being put inside my breast..(aside from my implants i live a very healthy and natural lifestyle and dont like anything un organic) but he assured me that its made from a material that automatically forms to my body, meaning my body wont reject it i guess because its stuff already found in the body? Im not sure exactly, Dr.Pertsch explained it a lot better, but anyways i decided to do it. This was going to be my second breast surgery (im newly 23) and i told myseld NO MORE after this! So i wanted them to be perfect! So i gave dr.pertsch the thumbs up to work his magic.

They were able to fit me in about a month after my first consultation for surgery which is super fast! The surgery was held in dr.pertsch’s personal surgery center right next to his main office which was so convenient! The next thing i remember i was getting wheeled out with new boobs! Best day of my life.

Recovery sucked as usual but i made sure to work out my chest and arm muscles a month before surgery which i highly recommend, which made the pain less because i felt strong where my implant was put(under the muscle)

I was recovering for about a week straight of strickly sleep and couch patatoe lounging…watched about 1000 movies and always ate and drank water like crazy.

What really amazed me through this sensitive time was anytime i had a crazy pain or anytime i thought i would die, i called dr pertsch ( sometimes calmly, sometimes very spastic) and he would ALWAYS return my call within 2-5min. He gives you allllllll of his persoanl numbers i.e cell home pager ect so you can always reach him if you need to. I probably called him everyday after my surgery freaking out about something and he never made me feel like i was bothering him or i was overly dramatic. Instead he would fit me in to see him that day or immediatly the next morning if i called at night and he would check things out and show me my craziness was all in my head. This communication thing was so important to me because my first dr was immpossible to get in touch with..even the day after my surgery and my implant deflated! I didnt hear back from him for like 2 hours. Omg dissaster! So not the case with dr.pertch!

I finally went back to work after a week and 2 days of resting and am literally BLOWN AWAY at my results! The transformation dr. P did with my boobs is so unreal i literaly think my breasts are perefect.. (i can always find a problem with something…im very nit picky) but not here! My boobs are perfect! There so good i have never felt this great about my body ever. All my girlfriends who knew me before and see me now are sooooo jealous 🙂 just what i wanted! I cannot stress enough how fantastic this whole experience has been for me and how life changing it has been. I wanted to look like perfect barbie and thats exactly what i got! Now i know i said i was done after this boob job, but dr pertsch is so amazing its going to be hard to resist! He will treat you like a princess! Which we all are 🙂 thanks again Doc! And the rest of the staff! Sooo amazing!

Crystal R.
San Francisco, CA



It has been 2 months since my breast augmentation with Dr. James Pertsch and I am so happy with my results! I went from a B to a full C-cup. Prior to choosing Dr. Pertsch, I consulted with 2 other highly-rated surgeons, 1 in San Francisco and 1 in San Jose. I felt like I was attending a sales pitch at one of them and I heard awful reviews about the second one. I decided to consult with Dr. Pertsch after reading great things about him. Dr. Pertsch and his staff were very welcoming and informative. I never felt pressured or unsure about my choice of doctor. Dr. Pertsch’s office manager, Alley is the sweetest person ever. She was always quick to reply to any questions that I had, pre and post surgery, and I truly felt like I had a friend in the office. She went above and beyond to accommodate me. On the day of surgery, I was nervous (as is expected) but I felt completely comfortable after meeting the staff at the surgery center. I couldn’t imagine a better surgery experience and I am beyond thrilled with my results. I would definitely recommend Dr. James Pertsch to anyone seeking plastic surgery (I actually already have!).

Carly H.
San Mateo, CA



I had and still have a wonderful experience every time I go to Dr Pertsch’s office. Alley and Ellie are both always friendly and helpful. Dr Pertsch is very professional and put me at ease from the first consultation. He is very personable and funny. But more importantly I trust him and will want him to do any future procedures I have. I had lost a great deal of weight and felt I really needed to have all the excess skin removed from my abdomen & upper arms. In August ’10 he did my extended abdominoplasty. I had no problems from that surgery and 2 weeks later he preformed braciaplasty(sp?) on both my arms. Pain was easily managed with pain meds for a few days after each surgery. I recently had my 1 year post-op appt, the scars are healing well and fading nicely. Just one small area on my left arm that developed a problem healing properly, Dr Pertsch opened it to remove blood matter. I haven’t had any further problems with it. Dr Pertsch and I agree that this area doesn’t look as good as good as expected and he wants to redo that small area when I’m ready. I’m so glad I was referred to Dr Pertsch, getting the good results I have now, have drastically effected my life.

Allison J.
San Bruno, CA



After much deliberation I finally decided to fix the thing I liked the least about myself…my nose. I went in for my consultation with Dr. Pertsch and it was decided that my chin was also in need of some help (which I was aware of). I was really nervous, but Alley and Dr. Pertsch made me feel confident about my decision. Of course there were still nerves, but I’m changing the most prominent feature on my face and it is going to change the way I look. Dr. Pertsch answered all my questions along the way, was very professional and knowledgable. The day of surgery I was nervous, but Dr. Pertsch and his staff reassured me and made me feel at ease with my decision. The recovery went well. Dr. Pertsch even took time out of  his Christmas day to take out my sutures and packing! 9 months out post op, my nose looks better than I could have hoped for and my chin implant created facial balance/harmony. I love the changes that Dr. Pertsch made and feel more confident than ever. I wish I had done it sooner! I would recommend Dr. Pertsch to anyone seeking to enhance their appearance!

Alicia E.
San Francisco, CA



I went to Dr Pertsch for a breast lift with implant. My procedure was 10 months ago and they are great! I went to 3 other consultations before him and left 1 of them crying because of how bad the doctor made me feel about my sagginess. Like I didn’t feel bad enough about them already! I was a 38DD 135 pds then I got pregnant with my second baby and after my second child they looked like empty socks I finally decided to do something about them because I couldn’t stand looking at them anymore. I met Dr. Pertsch and he was great he didn’t make me feel bad for the way they looked and he was the only doctor that showed me before and after pics with a year after pics. Made me feel so much better because the other drs showed me pics 3 months after and I thought I was going to look like frankenstein forever. I am not a full 38DD and sooo happy with the results! My scars are healing and fading nicely and I had no issues after the procedure. The nurses were so friendly and nice and Alley is awesome!! She helped me with everything anytime I had a question or needed any help. I recommend him to everyone I know and will post pics soon =) I am sooo happy I got this done I feel 100% better about myself!!

Gina A.
Morgan Hill, CA



Sorry in advance if this review is very long, but I have a lot to say! I had always disliked my nose but I never really thought I’d ever go through with rhinoplasty. Now here I am only 9 days post-op and I could not be any happier. I first found Dr. Pertsch online and filled out the form on the website to be contacted. Within a day or two, Alley (Dr. Pertsch’s assistant) called me to set up an appointment. She is so incredibly kind, and speaking with her made me really excited to come in for a consultation. She answered all of my questions and made me feel very confident in Dr. Pertsch’s credentials and talent .

At my first consultation, Dr. Pertsch was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. He gave me his full attention for over an hour and showed me dozens of before and after photos of surgeries he has performed. After seeing that every single post-op photo looked completely natural and fit each person’s face so well, I decided I wanted to have the procedure done by Dr. Pertsch. Alley met with me right after to help me select a surgery date, and the next thing I knew my surgery was scheduled for for under 3 weeks from my first consultation! (Because of my schedule this summer, the surgery had to take place either within the next month or I would have to wait until December). I was so impressed with how Alley took my very short window of time and found me an ideal surgery date. All I had to do was get some blood work done and come in once more for a pre-op appointment to go over final details. After that final appointment I was so excited/anxious/nervous that I just wanted to have the surgery done right then and there to get it over with. I still had 1.5 weeks to go, and Alley made sure to check in with me via email a few times to make sure I was ready and didn’t have any unanswered questions or concerns.

Come surgery morning, my boyfriend was definitely more nervous for the surgery than I was. I got to the surgery center and was given a gown to change into and made very comfortable by the nurses in the moments before “go time.” The next thing I knew I was waking up from the anesthesia. I will admit that the first 2 hours after coming out of anesthesia were not pleasant–in fact they were quite terrible. I had ridiculous dry mouth and nausea that I thought would never subside. By the time I got home (driven by the bf), I was finally feeling the effects of the pain meds and feeling fine. From then on out I would describe my recovery as incredibly easy. Every place I looked online for info on rhinoplasty recovery, it seemed that other people experienced a much longer recovery than I did (Youtube rhinoplasty blog videos are helpful, but don’t let them discourage you). I believe that if you have a talented, precise, and gentle surgeon, recovery can be very near painless. My face was the puffiest on days 2-3 and the bruising under my eyes was virtually gone after only 3 days. Starting day 4, I looked and felt almost like my normal self (except of course for the cast on my nose).

Two days ago (7 days post-op) I had my cast removed. I expected it to look swollen and that I wouldn’t like how it looked until days of getting used to it, but I was thrilled instantly. I had the exact nose I wanted and already looked great only 7 days after my surgery. I wanted to go out into the world and show off my new nose, but I knew that I needed to keep resting to allow the final swelling to go down and keep my nose out of the sun. As I mentioned, today is day 9 and I have been out and about all weekend, with no one having any idea that I just had major surgery on my face. I already know that having this surgery was one of the best life-changing decisions I have ever made. My nose is just going to keep looking better as the scar heals, and the swelling goes down completely. If I could go back and do it again, I wouldn’t trust my nose to anyone but Dr. Pertsch!

Shelley H.
San Francisco, CA



I have had Dr. Pertsch perform two different surguries 10 years apart. One a tummy tuck and just two months ago additional liposuction.

Both times I have had excellent care ( and aftercare). The moment I met Dr. Pertsch and his staff I felt at ease. I have recommended him to many of my friends. I have had such great results both times, recommend him highly. Wonderfull

megan m.
San Bruno, CA



Where should I start? About 10 years ago I started to notice that my manly breasts were getting larger. For me this was a little embarrassing and my regular doctor said not to worry. Not knowing where to start, a lady friend of mine had me contact Dr. Pertsch’s office. From that point on I really had no worries. This Great Team that Dr. Pertsch has put together is amazing. I felt so at ease that I went ahead and had my male Gynecomastia (breast reduction) done. There was really no pain just soreness and I will see the results tomorrow. As a male, If I were to ever have any more surgery of this nature, then for sure I would consult with Dr. Pertsch once again. “Great Staff Thanks to All

r. marc a.
Burlingame, CA



I had the best experience at Dr Pertsch’s office. It was my second augmentaiton and I could not be any happier with the outcome. Ally walked through the entire process and was absolutly lovely. I highly recomend this practice I am sure you will be as happy as I am.

dawn l.
Redwood City, CA



I’ve been seeing Dr. Pertsch since 2002. I had breast implants, two (top and bottom) eye corrections and liposuction. Each surgery was issue free. My pain and recovery period was minimal, and I have no scars!! Many people have no idea I’ve had plastic surgery because Dr. Pertsch’s results are natural looking. Dr. Pertsch is a highly educated surgeon and has one of the most pleasant demeanor’s I know. I also see Dr. Pertsch every three months like clockwork for Botox and Juvderm of which I’m always more than happy with the results. I have recommended Dr. Pertsch to several of my friends who are also thrilled with their results. If I could, I’d give Dr. Pertsch 10 stars!

Pamela C.
Burlingame, CA



I wanted a breast augmentation for many years, but was very nervous because I had never had surgery before. I knew I had to find a great surgeon, and did a lot of research. I wanted a board certified plastic surgeon with a good reputation, and after reading MANY websites, including yelp reviews, I went and saw Dr. Pertsch. He and Alley made me feel so comfortable and erased any fears I had. Dr. Pertsch spent a lot of time during my consultations answering any of my questions and concerns. The way you go about choosing a size is not simply saying “I’d like to be full C please”. You actually look through over a hundred pictures and pick out the appearance that you like as reference, and try on sample implants in a bra to see how you would look with each size until you find one that suits you. Dr. Pertsch doesn’t encourage you to choose a size that you don’t want, and he lets you know about the difference in stretching, healing, etc. that could occur if you have a smaller frame and choose a larger size, compared to choosing a medium implant. Alley is so wonderful and helpful, and made me look forward to my office visits, rather than dread a visit to a doctor’s office. They make an amazing team. Let me add that my surgery was complex because I had a lift, redux to correct asymmetry, and then an augmentation. The results couldn’t be better! Dr. Pertsch gave me options: I could have just had different sized implants put in to balance me out, but he went further to explain how the results would differ down the road. I really knew I chose the right surgeon when he gave me these different options, and in the end I went with the the solution that he recommended was best, and am SO glad that I did. If you want cosmetic surgery but are unsure of the best place to go, please go see what Alley and Dr. Pertsch have to offer.

Birdie G.
San Jose, CA



Dr. Pertsch is an amazing doctor. I had a breast revision surgery with him. The results compared to what I had got done the first time was like night and day. I got exactly what I wanted and I am extremely happy with the results. He gave me a variety of differnt size options and helped steer me in the right direction. He has his own private surgery center that is great. Also is office manager Alley is very helpful and knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease with any concerns or questions you may have. As far as the review below I don’t think you can blame a doctor for choosing the wrong size. In the end you are the one who makes that decision. You do try on the impants and spend at lease an hour doing your consultaion to determine your size and you have time to think about it since your sizing date is about 3 weeks prior to actual sugery date. I highly recommend him to everyone I know.

Brianna P.
Hayward, CA



Since I was a teenager I had been contemplating a rhynoplasty, and finally at 29 was ready go on with it. I looked for qualified and certified plastic surgeons around the bay area and some were ok some too expensive for what I wanted and some I just didnt get a good vive from. Finally made an appointment with Dr. Pertsch through his assistant, Alley who was very helpful and attentive through the whole process from start to fnish, and I finally knew that from how much attention to every detail he had and how knowledgeable he was, he was going to be my Doctor. Seven days after surgery now and bandages were off and my new nose was unveiled. So far very satisfied with the results! I’ll be almost a year for everything to settle in how its suppose to look and probably a few more weeks before the swelling goes down but everything is look great! Friends and family say it looks GREAT and VERY natural which was what i wanted and what I specifically asked for. Thank you Dr Pertsch for everything and if I every need anything done again I will definitely come back!

Jacob S.
San Jose, CA



I recently had a breast augmentation and am more than happy with my results. I am so in love with my new body and I love my breast and how amazing and natural they look. I have gotten so many compliments and am going to send friends of mine who have inquired about this procedure directly to James Pertsch! He is AMAZING! I was originally a 32 B and I went with silicone and 450 ccs and am now a 34 D. They are perfect for my body and everything turned out the way I wanted and more. I highly recommend his talent.

I also wanted to leave a note about Alley who is Dr. Pertsch assistant. She is so kind and helped me through the entire process and was there for me each step of the way. I really couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you Alley!!

Susie G.
San Francisco, CA



I’m very happy that I went to Dr. Pertsch for 3 plastic surgery procedures. I love the way I look now.

Dr. Pertsch discussed all the available options with me and offered as many follow-up appointments as I wished without any additional cost.

The wait at the office was usually less than 5 minutes long.

I highly recommend Dr. Pertsch.

Rasa P.
San Carlos, CA



I HIGHLY recommend Dr. James Pertsch if you are looking for the BEST surgeon in the Bay Area!

Dr. Pertsch & his staff are very professional, knowledgeable & accommodating.

Thanks Dr. Pertsch for making me look great!

Christina R.
Burlingame, CA



I have been going to Dr. Pertsch for all of my cosmetic needs since 1995.

If you’re looking for a superb cosmetic surgeon, look no further than Dr. James Pertsch.

Prior to my Breast Augmentation surgery, I did TONS of research on both the procedure and the doctors that perform them. After going in for consultations with a number of doctors, I knew Dr. James Pertsch was for me…and I was absolutely right.

Education, training and experience…first-rate. The results…magical. Plus, he and his staff are genuinely nice and caring people.

Dom G.
Belmont, CA



I absolutely love, trust and recommend Dr. James Pertsch for anything cosmetic, especially Breast Augmentation.

I have been coming to Dr. Pertsch for over 10 years. He always takes his time listening to my needs/concerns.

I have had two Breast Augmentations with Dr. Pertsch and I have been thrilled with his work.

The first time I got Saline implants but a couple of years ago I decided to get Silicone Gel Implants and to up my size.

I would highly recommend Dr. James Pertsch if you are looking for a doctor who is super meticulous & caring.

Kathy M.
San Jose, CA



I can’t thank Dr. James Pertsch enough for my perfect Breast Augmentation (size, shape, implant placement)! Dr. Pertsch really knows what he is doing.

I went to 3 other surgeons in the Bay Area before moving forward with Dr. Pertsch.

He made me feel VERY comfortable because he really listened to everything I said and once I saw his work (before/after photos) I knew he was the one!

I have referred my sister and several friends to Dr. James Pertsch for Breast Augmentation so if you are looking for the BEST Breast doctor, go to Dr. Pertsch 😉

Dr. Pertsch and his staff made the whole experience less scary – Thanks Dr. Pertsch – you are the BEST!

Amanda R.
San Francisco, CA



I have been a patient of Dr. Pertsch’s for almost 12 years. He is a wonderful, caring surgeon as well as a perfectionist. Having both minor and major cosmetic surgery, I have never been disappointed. The results are above expectations with the procedures done as painlessly as possible. He takes time to answer all of your questions and concerns. I don’t think there is anyone better.

Ellen H.
San Mateo, CA



I am now 34 years old and look and feel so beautiful in thanks to the wonderful help I have received from Dr. Pertsch. I have had three surgeries with him, my exclusive surgeon. I have had my breasts augmented twice. The first set was perfect!! Then I got greedy and went a little bigger a couple of years later and they are also perfect. In between the two breast surgeries, I had liposuction of my inner-outer thighs and buttocks. Now, nearly ten years later, I still look gorgeous. Even after three sons, who I nursed and some ups and downs with my weight. There is no other surgeon I would trust with my cosmetic surgery needs and wants. I am currently contemplating some more surgery and I am very excited about learning about what is new in the field. For my last surgery, I travelled from N. Dakota. This time I will be coming from Duluth, MN. The trip will be well worth it, I am sure. I have been told many many times that I have some of the best breasts ever seen. I am so proud of that.

cherie k.
South Range, WI


Dear Dr. Pertsch and Alley,
Thank you so much for everything. At the beginning of the consultation, I was very worried. Even though I wanted breast enhancement for many years and did a thorough research. One can not really escape the stress of getting a major surgery. The uncertainty of the outcome and the possible scenario during the procedure almost changed my mind.

Dr. Pertsch, your professionalism, experience and skill allowed me to have the trust I needed to go forward with the procedure. You were so caring and took time to answer every single question I had. I truly appreciate everything.

Alley, thank you for being so wonderful and caring. Thank you so much for making sure my specification about the surgery (time especially) was met. Thank you so much for constantly checking on how I’m doing. My experience was awesome.

breast lift with implant and tummy tuck patient
Mountain View, CA

Alley!I just wanted to thank you again for making this experience a whole lot less scary!! Can’t wait to party with you in hawaii.


breast augmentation patient
Burlingame, CA


Talk about above and beyond the call of duty!
Thank you so very much!

breast lift and labiaplasty patient
San Bruno, CA



Dear Alley
You are truly one of the kindest people I have ever met. I am so grateful for all of your support.. and of course for your endless supply of patience. You reassured me every step of the way & that made all the difference! Have a wonderful holiday – See you in 2009!

liposuction patient
Belmont, CA







Dear Dr. Pertsch,
I wanted to thank you and your staff for such a smooth, comfortable, successful surgery. You and your staff are outstanding professionals.
Thanks Again,

rhinoplasty patient
Hillsborough, CA



Dear Dr. Pertsch & office,
I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the last few weeks and the immeasurable kindness & service you have done for me. Having rhinoplasty was a very last minute decision this summer, and I approached the experience with a lot of trepidation and doubt—but from the moment I entered your office, all that changed. Thank you Dr. Pertsch for an experience so well guided & virtually painless. Having so painlessly fixed a problem I’ve carried for years, and met you and your friendly & amazingly supportive staff, has been a true highlight of my summer. As the swelling rapidly subsides each day, I love my new nose! I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your work and great team environment there. I wish you all the very best.
M.C.T 🙂

nose surgery, rhinoplasty patient
Millbrae, CA

Dr. Pertsch,
Thank you for being trustworthy, reliable and caring.
Respectfully, C.S.

rhinoplasty patient
Hillsborough, CA


Dear Dr. Pertsch,
I wanted to thank you so much for fixing my hand. I suffered for months before I finally came in to see you. I’ve followed your instructions & my hand is great. You really are a terrific doctor!
P.S. I will be sending in all my biker friends who have the same problem with their clutch hand! You’ll love Harleys! ha! ha!

Dear Dr. Pertsch,
Thank you for doing my ears again. I appreciate it very much!
Thanks again.
Sincerely, C.G.

Otoplasty patient
San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Patient

Dear Dr. Pertsch & Staff,

Thank you so much for the positive experience I had with my rhinoplasty. From the consultation to the surgery, everyone in the office was helpful, kind and well informed. I look forward to recommending your office to my family and friends.

Rhinoplasty patient
San Mateo, CA

Dr. Pertsch – Thank you for taking such good care of M. Thanks, B.B.


facelift patient
San Jose, CA

Dr. James Pertsch,
Just a card to say thank you for always caring and being there for me during m recovery period! You are a wonderful doctor.

P.S. Thank you for trusting in me as a patient and believing that I would come through with my payment plan!


mommy makeover
Mountain View, CA

To Dr. Pertsch & Staff,

I want to let you know I’m very, very happy. You did so much for me in so many ways. You all are so very wonderful and made me feel comfortable, pre-op and post-op. Thanks again.

… and the results were outstanding!

See ya soon,


tummy tuck patient
San Carlos, CA

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