Liposuction Specialist Questions and Answers

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Liposuction Specialist Questions and Answers
Liposuction Specialist Questions and Answers

Liposuction is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures, with over a million performed across the world every year. Liposuction is commonly performed when people have reached their desired weight and have stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond well to proper diet or regular exercise. Commonly treated areas include the abdomen, flanks, chin and underarms.

Does lipo permanently remove fat?

Yes, the fat cells extracted during liposuction are permanently removed. However, it is still possible to gain weight after the procedure, which can have adverse effects on the results of liposuction. Any weight gain accumulates in the body’s remaining fat cells, which can increase in size. Liposuction is very good at improving the body’s contour, but it is no substitute for a healthy diet and an exercise routine and it is not a weight loss method.

To put it simply, it is up to you to maintain the results! In order to do this, it is important to approach liposuction with the right perspective and to understand the necessary lifestyle changes that it takes to achieve long-term success from your procedure.

Who is suitable for liposuction?

The right candidates for liposuction have:

Reasonable Expectations for the Procedure: Liposuction can improve your body by creating a slimmer silhouette and more pleasing contours, but it cannot perfect it.
Specific Areas You Want to Target: Liposuction is best suited for stubborn pockets of fat — areas in the body that don’t respond well to proper diet or regular exercise: and these are the areas that are targeted. In other words, liposuction is ideal for people close to their ideal weight.
Good Skin Elasticity: The best results are obtained when the skin has the ability to shrink over the body’s new contours because the skin must contract over the treated areas. The younger a person is, the more elastic their skin tends to be.
Patience to Wait for Results: While fat removal with liposuction is permanent and the results can be maintained with the proper lifestyle changes, your new body profile won’t be apparent right away. Although the initial improvement usually appears within a few weeks, complete results are generally seen several months after surgery.

How much weight can you lose with liposuction?

In most cases, the amount of fat removed during each procedure is no more than four to five pounds. The overall weight of excess fat cells that are suctioned from your body during liposuction is not significant enough to cause a drastic change in your overall body weight.

In some cases, the total amount of body fat removed from your body can weigh up to eight pounds. However, it is important to know that as more pounds of fat are removed from the body, the risks of the surgery increases.

The surgery can be broken up into several sessions if a patient needs to remove more body fat than 4-5 pounds from multiple areas of the body, each one scheduled at least one month apart.

If you or someone you know has stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t respond to exercise or diet, come to San Mateo Plastic Surgery today! Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced in performing liposuction and can help you reach your desired body shape! For more information on our liposuction treatments and how they can benefit you, call our office and get in touch with a member of our specialist team. To book an appointment with our liposuction specialist, visit our website or speak with us over the phone today.