Facial Implants and Rhinoplasty

Facial Implants and Rhinoplasty Questions and Answers

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Facial Implants and Rhinoplasty Questions and Answers
Facial Implants and Rhinoplasty Questions and Answers

Facial implants are used to enhance or improve the appearance of certain areas of the face. Facial implants can either be elective, meaning it is not medically necessary but for aesthetic improvement, or required as a result of a birth defect, injury or previous surgery. Rhinoplasty refers to a number of plastic surgery procedures that are performed on the nose. This is typically performed to reshape a broken nose, to improve problems with breathing, or if the nose is an undesirable shape.

Does your face change after rhinoplasty?

Nose jobs can address several cosmetic concerns, including:

  • A protruding nasal hump
  • A pointy nose
  • A nose that appears too large for the patient’s face
  • A nose that appears too small for the patient’s face
  • A nose with a downward turned nasal tip
  • A wide nose
  • Nostrils that are too big or too small

There are a multitude of different ways a nose job can alter your appearance. Whether or not you will see drastic results will depend on your current appearance and the surgical plan for the unwanted nasal appearance you would like changed. Rhinoplasty can provide a great amount of symmetry to the face, evening out features and contouring its shape.

How long do facial implants last?

Some implants, such as breast implants, can deteriorate over time and need to be replaced every decade or so. Including soft tissue implants, facial implants are designed differently, so there is no need for a repeated procedure and you can enjoy their effects for the rest of your life. By simply removing the implants that no longer fit your aesthetic, facial implant surgery is also relatively easy to reverse. The facial implants should only ever be removed by a plastic surgeon.

Does rhinoplasty change your smile?

No, rhinoplasty will not change your smile, at least not if you have a skilled surgeon. Only when work is performed on the tip of the nose will changes to the upper lip movement normally happen. If a broken nose is being fixed or the bridge is being re-sculpted, then it will not have an effect on your smile. The upper lip will feel stiff after the surgery is complete for a short amount of time if certain suture techniques are used in order to stabilize the tip of the nose or if cartilage is grafted. The reason for this is because this grafted cartilage adds the necessary structure to the tip of the nose and as a result, stiffness occurs. This will allow the tip of the nose to keep its position so it doesn’t drop with smiling.

Are facial implants permanent?

Facial implants are generally permanent unless removed by the surgeon. They are typically made of medical silicon, which has a long, established history of safe use. Although they are intended to be permanent, they can be removed if desired.

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