Patient Satisfaction at San Mateo Plastic Surgery

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Patient Satisfaction at San Mateo Plastic Surgery
Patient Satisfaction at San Mateo Plastic Surgery

Description: Before she met Dr. Pertsch she had two breast surgeries. 34C preop.

First breast surgery sub glandular French PIP saline implants 215cc with crescent (upper only) circumareolar mastopexy.
Second surgery because of capsular contracture: bilateral capsulectomy and placement Mentor 350cc saline implants.

She went to Dr. Pertsch not liking her appearance overall plus wanting a little larger size. “Before” photos taken 3 5’1” 125 lbs.
Brassiere 34D- or 34C+.
Examination revealed L side larger than R.
However patients own native breast volume estimated at about R 250 cc L 275 cc
“Bubble” on L side x 2 were implant “knuckles” of folded saline implant edges that could easily felt.
L side felt harder than R
Indentation on R worse than L periareolar scar when she raised her arm
R breast located closer to midline and L is out more to the side.

Dr. Pertsch’s revision surgery involved:

  • Removal saline subglandular implants both sides,
  • Total capsulectomy
  • Placement of implants under muscle (subpectoralis) silicone gel 500 cc
  • (McGhan style 40 diameter 15.1 cm and projection 3.6 cm)
  • Release of tethered areolar scars and suture closure implant tunnels used for previous and current insertion.
  • Slight reduction of native breast tissue R 101 gms, L 125 gms
  • Breast lift both sides. Because of the extent of surgery drain tubes were needed

After photos taken 4 yr. 5 mos. p op 5” 1” 117 lbs.

Now very happy with 36DD very soft feeling mobile implants. Scars pale and flat. She felt she looked great and really natural. She was glad she could no longer “hear” her silicone implants as could with previous saline implants with some activity.